Birds of Paradise

A friend sent me a link to this video of an amazing group of birds that live only in the rainforests of New Guinea.  Two men from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ed Scholes and Tim Laman, a scientist and a photographer, have spent almost a decade studying these birds in their remote location.  They don’t know why these birds only live in this place, or why they have developed as they have.  They have put together some breath-taking footage of these glorious creatures.  It deserves a place in your rainforest materials!

National Geographic also has a 47 minute video about the men and the birds.  Students will also learn about the life of a field scientist through this amazing program.

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4 Responses to Birds of Paradise

  1. Wow! Amazing, that’s very impressive:)
    Sabrina –

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  2. Sandie says:

    They are beautiful creatures!


  3. A writer from the East says:

    Breath taking, God has created such beauty 🙂

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