I am a “why-er”.  My parents thought I was rebellious, but that wasn’t it (at least not for the first 16 years).  I NEED to understand things.  My mom told me to dust the furniture every day, which I did, but after a few days I asked her why.  “If there is no dust on the furniture, why do I have to dust everyday?”
“Because I said so.”

I asked my dad, “Why do you have to carry sometimes in math and sometimes you don’t?”
“Just do it.”

“Why are there seasons in some places and not where we live?”
“Because that’s how God made it.”

Adults rarely ever helped me find answers to my questions.  They only wanted me to answer their questions!  I NEVER got math until I started teaching it.  I finally found out why you carry sometimes and sometimes you don’t!  Hopefully my students never needed to ask that question!

I like classrooms where “WHY?” is a key player.  So how does one set that up?

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