Make Your Own Flannel Board


If you want to try out a flannel board in your classroom, it’s super easy to make.


  • foam board, the size you want the flannel board to be
  • tag board, the same size as the foam board (optional)
  • felt or flannel material, 2″-4″ larger than the foam board
  • rubber cement or spray adhesive (optional)
  • masking tape or duct tape

Black is the color used for most commercial flannel boards.  I usually made mine blue.


  1. Cut the felt or flannel so it will cover the front and wrap 2-4 inches around the back of the foam board.
  2. Spread a little rubber cement or spray adhesive on the face of the foam board. (Optional—I only did this with very large flannel boards.)
  3. Lay the flannel on the front of the board, and wrap it around to the back.  Stretch it tight, and rub the front of the board to get out any puckers or folds.  Tape the edges on the back securely with masking tape or duct tape all around.
  4. Cut a piece of tag board a little bit smaller than the foam board.  Glue it on the back of the flannel board to cover the messy look.  (Again, optional.)
  5. Let everything dry and your flannel board is good to go!


A couple of times I used a flannel board as a room divider.  Once I covered a piece of peg board and screwed it on the back of a set of cubbies.  Another time I did the same thing, attaching the board to the back of some plastic shelving I’d purchased at discount store.  (I LOVE those cheap white snap-together shelves.  I used them for everything!)

If you have some students who just can’t seem to “get it” trying “giving it” to them using a flannel board.  If you want some specific ideas about how to use a flannel board with a specific skill, please feel free to ask!  Also feel free to share successes you’ve had!

Have you ever used a flannel board with your students?  What is your favorite way to use them?

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