Choose and Pick


Choose and Pick is a good game to use when the children are just starting to work on a skill. To play this game you will need to have the flashcards all spread out or hanging on the wall where everyone can see them clearly. The player says, “I am going to choose ______,” and then he selects the appropriate card from the mix by pointing to it. The rest of the students show thumbs up or thumbs down to show their agreement or disagreement with his choice. If it is correct he takes a treat.

I use cereal a lot when playing games with children. It is cheap and lasts a very long time. I give each player a tissue and pour out a little cereal on a tissue in the center of the circle, making sure the pieces are spread far apart. When a student takes a treat he touches only the piece he’s taking. This way no one touches the food except the person who eats it. ( If students purposefully touch several pieces of cereal then they lose the privilege of taking the treat. I remind them of this each time we use food.) It’s healthy, fun, and energizing!

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