Classroom Cake Walk


Cake Walk is a fun game for small groups to play with flashcards. Put them out on the floor in a circle, square, or any other shape you want to work on, and have each child stand next to a card. Quickly go around the circle and have the students respond to the card. Put on some music, play it for about 2 seconds, stop it, and have the children read the next cards. Everyone who reads correctly gets a “point” which they must keep track of. At the end of the game, everyone with a certain number of points (I usually make it the lowest number of points earned as long as everyone tried hard) gets to share in splitting a cupcake. I cut it, they eat it. They only get a little bit, but it shakes up the routine and gets everyone laughing. It’s one of my favorites. (A six-pack of cupcakes goes a long way, since each group only gets one cupcake to share.)

Get a copy of Flashcard Games.

Pink Chocolate Cupcake by K Whiteford via Public Domain

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