15 Reasons to Use Flashcards


  1. Flashcards are cheap, quick, and easy to make.
  2. Flashcards can come in all sizes, shapes, and styles.
  3. Flashcards can be made plain or cute—just about from anything.
  4. Flashcards can be used in any subject area.
  5. Children of any age or ability can be proficient with flashcards.
  6. Children can easily learn when and how to make and use flashcards independently.
  7. Flashcards can easily be used to individualize instruction.
  8. Flashcards can be used for any level of learning:  introduction, learning, continuing practice, mastery, or maintenance.
  9. Flashcards FOCUS practice.
  10. Flashcards provide review.  You can come back to a set of flashcards after a few months to keep learning fresh.
  11. Flashcards chronicle learning.  You can put them out for Open House to show a year’s worth of learning.
  12. Flashcards are EXCELLENT test prep materials.
  13. Flashcards can be used with all kinds of games, physical as well as sedentary, to make learning fun and direct.
  14. Flashcards are not limited to fact memorization.  They can be used for comprehension, thinking, evaluating, and just about everything else.
  15. Parents can easily be trained to use flashcards in fun ways at home with the whole family.

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