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An Ideal Learner’s Workshop

I love workshop style teaching, probably because it empowers children, and teachers, to learn in ways that best suit them.  It is student-centered, can be self-directed, and is easy, easy, easy, to differentiate to meet the needs of everyone.  A … Continue reading

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Thinking About Teaching

During my years as a support teacher I’ve spent a lot of hours in the classrooms of LOTS of wonderful, enthusiastic, caring, supporting, and knowledgeable teachers.  I have seen a wide range of teaching styles, debated diverse teaching philosophies, and … Continue reading

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When I am learning, I am engaged, focused, I don’t like to be interrupted, I am feeling something—interest, frustration, struggle, joy, energy, rage (when my computer doesn’t cooperate), I am solving something, I am meeting a need I have, I … Continue reading

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I am a “why-er”.  My parents thought I was rebellious, but that wasn’t it (at least not for the first 16 years).  I NEED to understand things.  My mom told me to dust the furniture every day, which I did, … Continue reading

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