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Savanna Safari Sorting Mats and Cards

Boy–it’s taken me a long time to finish this newest piece of the Savanna Safari Maps, Mural, and MiniMuseum.  Life has interrupted things in a big way for the last few months, but I think I’m back on track and I’m … Continue reading

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Savanna Safari Mural

Turn a corner of your classroom into an African savanna!  Step-by-step directions show you how to make a beautiful background for a classroom center or mini museum.  Get a Sample Mural Savanna Safari or learn more. I hope you are all … Continue reading

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Savanna Safari Animal Puppets / Masks

I finally finished the first of many products celebrating life on the African savanna.  I am always looking for ways to get students to read where they don’t realize that they are actually reading!  (It helps a little to be a … Continue reading

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Photo Credit:  Lioness with Young:  Photo by AdmMH, via The “king of the jungle”, actually lives on the grassy plains of Africa’s savanna, and the dry, arid plains of India’s national preserves. At one time they were found across … Continue reading

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Photo Credit:  Cheetah Snack:  Photo by kolibri5, via A cheetah is built for speed. Its long thin legs, lightweight bones, and short coat make it the fastest land mammal in the world. It can go from 0-60 miles an … Continue reading

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African Watering Hole

  One of the most interesting items I’ve found as I’ve researched the African savanna is this webcam of an African watering hole.  Although the Live Cam is dark during my daytime, there are highlights that can be viewed at … Continue reading

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Savannas of the World

I’ve started working on a new set of teaching materials about the African savanna.  The diversity, amount, and concentration of life found on these sweeping, grassy plains is staggering.  The interdependence and interactions between species boggles the mind!  Truly each … Continue reading

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How Animals see the World

Here’s an interesting video from National Geographic about the types of eyes found in the animal world.  It’s impossible to know exactly how the world appears to animals with different types of eyes, but scientists do know the types of … Continue reading

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Birds of Paradise

A friend sent me a link to this video of an amazing group of birds that live only in the rainforests of New Guinea.  Two men from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ed Scholes and Tim Laman, a scientist and … Continue reading

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Space Shuttle Flight Deck

Explore the flight deck of the space shuttle with this virtual tour.  You can move around, change your perspective by right-clicking on the image, and even zoom in close enough to read the labels on much of the control panels. … Continue reading

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