Valentines for your Valentines


Looking for a quick, fun, and easy Valentine’s Day card to give your students? Here’s one idea—individual Conversation Hearts Bingo games. There are 32 different boards, and a message (page 10) you can run off on the back of each card, if you wish.

You may also download a programmable message card in Microsoft Word® so that you may individualize the cards yourself with personal note to each student. Just select the text you want to change, change it, and print!

My kids loved to play games with each other after opening up their cards. You’ll just need a handful of hearts for the caller to use, and some hearts or red-hot candies for students to mark their cards. (You can buy small boxes of conversation hearts at most dollar stores if you want to include them with your card. Otherwise, just buy a bag and pass out handfuls as needed. If your class is like mine, someone will give the boxes as gifts and your students will already have them with their Valentine goodies.)


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