High Frequency Bingo Games


During my time as a reading and intervention specialist I found beginning readers made surprising progress using short games that focused on high frequency words.  I was rather surprised by this because practicing words in isolation doesn’t really fit with my philosophy of teaching, but I couldn’t argue with the results!  I used one set of high frequency words each month as the focus of the practice, so I ended up with 10 sets of games to use during the year.  Concentration, Bingo, and active, exciting games with flashcards proved to be the most beneficial.  Each game only took about 5-10 minutes of our time together, but the students were really focused during the entire time.  I wanted to share these games so I’m including the complete set here.

Because each card has to have a different arrangement of words, making Bingo games is really time-consuming.  Each game has 8 different cards, so this set of materials works best in small groups.  I hope you and your kids will get a lot of benefit out of these items.  My students sure did!

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