Celebrating Young Heros of Pakistan; Legendary Children – Part I

The Human Lens shares some amazing examples of young Pakistani heroes and their legacy to Pakistan and the world. I hope you will celebrate their incredible lives along with me!

The Human Lens

Heroism is something that cannot be limited to a certain age, class or gender, its simply another term coined for valuing human bravery and determination. Heroes are people loved by the masses, a country like Pakistan has countless heroes and today I bring you some stories of Pakistani children heroes that have put a mark on society in actively contributing towards humanity’s betterment. These are some really inspirational children, for this alone I have divided the series in two parts, without further ado.


This hero was just eleven, when he appeared as a symbol of abusive child labor. Iqbal Masih’s parents sold him to a factory owner and in becoming a slave Iqbal worked punishing hours days in day out without any respite. Iqbal Masih hailed from a Christian family whose poverty was a great factor in contributing to his ordeal. But one day he escaped from the…

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