The Golden Rule


I love the Golden Rule.   It has been a standard of behavior in societies around the world for thousands of years, and I think it makes a complex idea fairly concrete, providing a good basis for discussing empathy and compassion with students.  I use these materials at the beginning of the year to begin the “talk” about classroom and school rules.  Basically all of our social rules come down to “Treat others the way you want them to treat you.”  (I was pleased to find the Golden Rule included in California’s second grade social studies curriculum, and these materials work well with those.)

I hope this set of lesson plans and materials will help your students identify and practice this important attitude and character trait.  It’s a great unit for the first week of school, and for any time students lose their compassion or patience with their peers (and teachers).

This free, mini thematic unit includes the following materials:

  •         Sample Lesson Plan Outline
  •         Poster, in 2 sizes:  8.5X11 and 11X17
  •         Tally Marks lesson and poster
  •         Materials to make a Golden Rule class book
  •         Golden Rule Situation cards, worksheet, and template
  •         Bar Graph to record observations of “golden” behavior
  •         Golden Rule Reward Tickets
  •         Golden Rule Book Marks

Grades 2-5          28 pages          9 MB

Happy Back to School, everyone!

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  1. Fatmawaty says:

    Happy back to school , for you too, teacher Sandie! Yes, I’m so happy that I can join to teach n educate the Indonesian young generation. 😊

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    • Sandie says:

      They are blessed to have you! You are blessed to have them, too!

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      • Fatmawaty says:

        Ameen, I hope so, Madam! :)

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