Individualized Morning Work Binders

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I came across this article from Special Education Station, which describes the use of individualized morning work binders.  The binders are very manipulative, and look fairly easy to manage.  Plastic sleeves are used to hold work pages (I don’t really want to call them worksheets because they are so much more), and the children write on the plastic instead of the paper.  I used this technique in centers and found it very easy, and inexpensive!  The teacher or the para (this is a special education classroom) change the inserts each afternoon so the binders are ready for the next morning.  I generally changed my centers once a week, and I had about 30 stations altogether.  It only took about 10 minutes to change things for the next week, and since I wasn’t using the actual paper, I could use the inserts over and over again without duplication.

Head on over to Special Education Station and take a look!  You’ll be glad you did!

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