Pot of Gold


When I was working with remedial students, I used monthly themed “flashcards” to help them practice specific words or skills we were working on at the time.  Although I didn’t use flashcards much in my regular classrooms, I found they were an excellent tool to help students isolate and focus on specific concepts with which they were struggling.  We used the flashcards to play all kinds of games and kept them in a basket to review throughout the year.  They were really very effective.

dir-gold-sham-coins-ol-medEach month I created a “Read and Follow the Directions” worksheet that would walk students through the process of making a themed flash card, giving them routine practice in how to read and use “How-to” articles.  Here are March’s materials.  They include “golden coin” flash card directions and a “pot” to store the flashcards in.  I hope you’ll find it helpful!


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