Colonial America Natural Resources–Magnetic and Flannel Board Materials


I love flannel and magnetic board materials.  I’ve used them for LOTS of things.  Here’s a set of Magnetic Flannel Board pieces of resources used by the early American colonists.  Set them out for center play, group activities, and story telling.  Students can learn to identify and label plants and animals.  They can sort them, classify them, and talk about the pictures.  They can manipulate them as they create stories and reports.
I LOVE them for prewriting activities.  The kids work out all the story plots and twists before they ever begin to write.  It makes for really well-developed writing projects (and you can print the images on plain paper for illustration purposes in class and student made books, if you wish)!

I liked to divide my classroom into all manner of nooks and crannies, so I used my file cabinets for walls between areas.  That left the sides of the cabinets free for magnetic pictures and other magnetic manipulatives.

You can get magnetic paper at WalMart (R) and lots of places online for $1.00-$2.00 per page.  It makes lovely copies and lasts a long time.  I like to buy the professional quality in packs of 20 because they are less expensive per page, and much better quality paper.

animals 3If you don’t want to spend extra money on magnetic paper, run the items off on cover stock, laminate them, and add some sticky-back magnetic tape to the back.  These are actually a lot easier to manipulate than the magnetic paper since they don’t stick flat to the surface.

You can also run them on canvas paper to use on flannel boards.  The colors print brightly, and the rough backing of the canvas adheres perfectly to the flannel board.

However you choose to do it, download the FREE file, and let the fun begin!

You can find a complete set of games and activities about the natural resources used by the colonial settlers at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher’s Notebook.  I hope you’ll find some things that will make learning fast, fun, and efficient!

How do you use magnetic paper?


Originally posted on November 11, 2012 on another website.

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3 Responses to Colonial America Natural Resources–Magnetic and Flannel Board Materials

  1. Fatmawaty says:

    WOW! The material is really good for students n kids generally. Thank you Madame!
    My son loves to play with the stickers. Such as arranged the pics, n paste all sticker on social papers. 😊

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    • Sandie says:

      Thanks! I hope he has lots of fun with them. Do you have some of the same plants in Indonesia?

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      • Fatmawaty says:

        You’re most welcome, Madame! Yes, I do! Indonesia is tropical country.


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