Little Helpers


Help your little helpers grow to be big helpers by creating an “I Can Help” book.  Talk about things the children do to help around the house and at school, and new things they can do that they haven’t done before.  Get them started by having them help you at circle time by

  • sorting manipulatives
  • fixing puzzles
  • folding laundry and clothing
  • dusting
  • cleaning the white board or overhead projector
  • washing dishes
  • passing juice and crackers
  • emptying trash

Then use your dramatic play area to take digital photographs of them doing daily chores.  Print the pictures in individual books and have the students dictate sentences for each photograph.  It’s easy to do on your computer with the children present.  They can choose the picture order and tell you what to write.  If your kids are able, you may even be able to train them to use the software themselves.

Print the books on good paper, collate and staple them—you can use them just like all the other trade books you have:  read them aloud to the class, read them with the class, put them in your classroom library.

Print 2 copies, and give one to Mom for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day—they are great gifts!  You could also include some “helping” coupons to go with it.  This is a great activity for growing social skills, and developing literacy.


This article was originally published on another website on January 5, 2012.

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