Magic Elf Mix


The three weeks of school between Thanksgiving and Christmas break were always my favorite time of the year.  I never worked in a school that outlawed Christmas, for which I’m eternally grateful.  Everywhere I worked we did it up big–concerts, pageants, caroling, crafts, gifts, projects–learning about Christmas celebrations all around the world.

One of the things I loved to do with my students–general ed or special–was cook.  We made all kinds of goodies, keeping a few for ourselves and giving buckets away to people who helped us, and some to those we never met–people in rest homes, soup kitchens, or shelters.

Magic Elf Mix is easy (as long as you have a microwave) and delicious.  As a reading specialist I used this as a “Read and Follow Directions” lesson.  We read the directions together, acted them out, and when I felt the students were ready to complete it on their own, they went to work.  In this set of directions there are 3 reading levels represented–preschool-first grade, 2-3, and 4-6.  Each level has 8.5X11 sized directions, as well as an 11X17 poster for large group instruction.  I ran off just enough recipes for the largest group that would work together at one time, and then laminated them so I wouldn’t have to make them each year.  Even though the recipe sheets ended up with lots of sticky stuff on them, they wiped right off and I used them year after year.  (Run them on cover stock and they’ll never tear.)

It can get a little expensive (the last time I made it with a class of 15 students it cost a little more than $20 to purchase the ingredients and materials.  Where I live prices have gone up a lot since then.)  You can ask each child in your class to bring in one item, and that helps a lot, and is very manageable.

I hope you’ll enjoy this yummy recipe, even if you just use it at home with your own little ones.  It’s Magic Elf Mix–a fun Christmas activity.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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