Putting it All Together–Genre Studies

Now that you have listed the Language Arts Standards for the year, you are ready to pull together all the materials you currently have that will support your language arts instruction.  This is a key part of planning for integration, so take your time.  You can always add more items as you find them.  This is truly a “living document”.  Here’s the page I used:  Language Arts Support Materials

First enter the themes you’ve chosen.  Here are my first four.

LA Support Materials Grade 5  a

Now make a brainstorm list of genre that would help students learn the language arts skills, and also tie in with the science and social studies themes you’ve listed.  Start with a brainstorm list so you aren’t limiting yourself to the themes you’ve created.  You want to make new and fresh connections.

  • poetry
  • historical fiction
  • limericks
  • myths
  • legends
  • mysteries
  • thrillers
  • science fiction
  • fantasy
  • contemporary fiction
  • nonfiction
  • skits
  • role-playing
  • figures of speech
  • picture books
  • biographies
  • autobiographies
  • tall tales
  • fables
  • animal stories
  • folk tales
  • fairy tales
  • travel books
  • debates
  • speeches
  • dance
  • magazine
  • newspaper

Now go back to your list of themes and plug a literary genre (or two) into each of your themes along with any of your district’s core literature that will support the theme.  (If you’re like me, you’ll need more than one page!) Here’s one of mine:


Now, take some time to go through your textbooks, and write in the titles and page numbers of the stories and articles that support the unit themes.  Finally, add your favorite trade books (picture books and novels) that are relevant to each theme.


Now you have everything you need for the BIG Language Arts picture in one place!  On to integrating the other subject areas!


This article was originally published in March of 2010 on another website.  It has been updated here.

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