15 Reasons to Teach Thematically

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  1. Thematic teaching saves instructional time.  You can combine subjects that are mutually supportive, making learning more efficient.
  2. Thematic teaching fosters thinking through highlighting connections and
  3. Teaching skills in context.
  4. Therefore, transfer is not an issue.
  5. Thematic teaching can utilize any level of balance between teacher directed and student directed learning.  It is easy to move back and forth as the units and activities require.
  6. Thematic teaching is child centered.  It takes into account developmental levels, needs, and talents of individual students.
  7. Thematic teaching often allows a certain amount of student choice over content and product, taking into account  individual student interests.
  8. Thematic learning is active learning!
  9. Project based thematic instruction provides many opportunities for multisensory, manipulative based learning.
  10. Thematic instruction is particularly effective at providing multiple paths to the same skill, thereby increasing the likelihood of student success.
  11. Cross curricular integration stimulates the use of art, music, and physical education to support learning in content areas.
  12. Thematic teaching makes differentiated instruction much easier.  Students can be learning the same material on a variety of achievement levels.
  13. Thematic teaching makes teaching multi-graded classrooms much easier.  It ties grade levels together across common themes.
  14. Thematic teaching is particularly good at tricking students into the repetitive practice of skills just because the students are immersed in a variety of different projects focused in the same direction.  They don’t realize they are practicing the same things over and over!
  15. Thematic learning is fun!
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