Colonial America–Natural Resources Magnetic and Flannel Board Pieces


Sorry it took me so long to finish these items.  It always takes me much longer than I expect to make something!  I hope you’ll find these flannel board images useful!

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I print them on inkjet canvas.  The material is very strong, I don’t have to laminate them or add anything to make them stick.  The rough canvas surface on the back sticks well to flannel boards.


You can get 10 sheets of inkjet canvas from Office Depot for $14.99.  That’s about $1.50/sheet.  There are 6 sheets of images in this set, so that means printing on canvas will cost about $9.00.  To me it’s worth it, but if that’s too expensive for you, just print them on cover stock (use a fast draft mode to save ink), laminate them, and stick some stiff Velcro (R) sticky-back dots on the back.  They’ll work just as well for a lot less.

I’ve found a lot of students are really able to create stories and reports using flannel boards.  Giving them a chance to prewrite using these materials usually results in much better designed writing projects.  Flannel board materials are really great for all kinds of language activities.  You can also use them to
•    sort
•    classify
•    identify
•    teach a new language
•    pattern
•    place in ABC order
•    create sentences
•    identify characteristics
•    create group stories, reports, poems
•    make up songs

Your students will find lots of new ways to use them, too!

Use this set at Thanksgiving to introduce the “New World” of the early colonists.  Make up stories about how the plants and animals impacted the settlers, and how they used the things they found in their “new land.”  You can also use them with any unit on natural resources.

If you prefer magnetic board images, the same set is included on a white background for your magnetic white boards (or the sides of your file cabinets)!

What’s your favorite way to use flannel boards with your students?

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