Attitude Adjustment

Teaching is a tough job.  Those who don’t do it, think it’s easy, and those who haven’t done it for a long time think it’s still the “old” days.  Things are a lot different from what they used to be back at the start of my career.  It’s easy now to focus on the one negative comment received during the year rather than on the hundred positive ones.  And then there’s the constant pressure of student management—teaching is one of the few jobs I know of where you are responsible for what happens whether you are there or not–test scores, and all the extra junk you have to attend to each day that has nothing to do with good teaching!  It’s easy to get discouraged and lose heart.

Angela, over at the Cornerstone, has written a new book on how to maintain a good attitude in spite of the daily grind—Awakened—Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching.  She posted an excerpt on her blog that I found encouraging and helpful.

I hope you’ll give it a read!

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