Get More From Your Printer

The most important machine I had in my classroom was my color inkjet printer.  It was many years before I wised up to the idea of purchasing a printer based on the cost of the ink, but I finally got it.  The printer I’m using now has cost me less than $25 in ink a year (working in special education); I used to spend that each month.  Unfortunately, it’s out of production.

I recently purchased a Brother MFC 250 for less than $60, and it scans, copies, and prints.  (It doesn’t have a fax.)  It has four print levels:  fine, normal, fast normal, and draft.  Fast normal is what I use, even for final copies of things for the classroom.  It doesn’t do that great on photo printing–when I want something to look really good I use my Canon Pixma 9000, but it does great for everything else.  My husband is using this printer and he hardly ever prints anything, so I can’t speak for the number of pages it will produce.  You can buy high-capacity ink cartridges for it.

Brother MFC-250c Color Inkjet Multi-Function Center for the Home/Home Office

12 Pack. Compatible Brother LC-61 Cartridges. Includes Cartridges for 3ea LC-61 of each Color Black Cyan Magenta Yellow.
That’s 12 cartridges for less than$9!

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