One of my favorite flash card games is Slap.  It keeps everyone focused on the task.  This game is appropriate for reviewing cards that all the children in the group have learned; you shouldn’t use it while the children are still learning the information.

Spread the flashcards out on the floor in a pile so that they overlap each other quite a bit.  Tell the children, “Find ____!”  They will all start shuffling through the pile together.  The first person to slap the card keeps it, and gives the order for the next round.  (Students who give the order don’t hunt for that round.)   Keep playing until there are no cards left.  If two students find the card at the same time, just put it back in the pile and continue with another round.  Giving each “finder” a “time out” by being the leader helps ensure the same person doesn’t win every round.  If there is a student who is dominating, just tell them to take a few turns off to let others have a better chance.  They are usually very happy to do this.

Use flyswatters to slap the card instead of hands.

Get a copy of Flashcard Games.

Get the directions for the floral flashcards here:  May Flowers Wall Cards v2.

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