Something is wrong when…

hose spray

I was talking with a colleague the other day and she said,

“When I’m working harder than my kids are, something is wrong!”

Wow!  A simple, but profound statement, seems to me.  I wish she’d said this to me 19 years ago; I could have added it to my mental alarm list.  I know I need to find a new tack when:

  • I see fidgeting
  • I hear whispering
  • Eyes avoid contact with mine
  • Hands are in the wrong places
  • Confused looks surround me
  • Stormy looks loom on the horizon
  • Glazed eyes roam the ceiling
  • Answers are far off the mark
  • I feel my stomach clinch
  • I notice my sweat glands are working

Actually I think this may be the only alarm I need to have, because whenever I see fidgeting, hear whispering, miss eye contact,  find hands in the wrong places, am surrounded by confused looks and stormy expressions, can’t find what’s so interesting on the ceiling, survey a bevy of incorrect responses, my stomach clenches and my hands sweat, then I AM ALREADY WORKING HARDER THAN MY STUDENTS!

Sorry, kids, for being so dense.

Thanks, MS.  You are a wonderful, insightful teacher!

And thank God for colleagues who can teach us new things till the day we die.

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