Go Fish


“Go Fish” is a popular card game that works well with flashcards.  You will need two sets of flashcards, or a set of questions and answers that go together.  To make sure the children can’t see through the cards, print a pattern on the back of the cards before you cut them apart.  (This also helps separate cards from different sets that get mixed together.)  You will need about 50 cards (25 of each) to have enough cards to play with 5 children.

Mix up the cards.  Deal 4 cards to each student.  Put the rest in a draw pile in the middle.  Each player will keep their cards secret.  The object is to get a matching pair of flashcards.  During a turn a player will ask for a specific card.  (You can have them ask specific players or the group in general.)  If another player has the card they ask for, he must give it up.  When a player has a matching pair he sets them aside and continues play.  If another player doesn’t have the requested card, he tells the player to “Go Fish.”  The player then draws a card from the center stack and play continues with the next person.  The player with the most pairs wins.

This is another game that requires everyone to pay attention at each turn, keeping the players focused during the game.

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