Concentration is one of the best games to use with flashcards.  All students pay close attention during other player’s turns because it will help them during their own turn.

You will need two sets of flashcards because the students are trying to match the two together.  You could use two sets of the same sight words, or a problem and matching answer.  To make sure the students can’t see through the cards, print a pattern on the back of each set before you cut them apart.  (This also makes the cards easy to separate if they get mixed up with other cards.  Just print a different pattern on the back of each set before you print them and run them off.)

Lay the cards upside down in a grid on the floor.  During a turn, a player turns over two cards.  If the cards match he keeps them.  If they don’t match he turns them back over in exactly the same place.  Each player learns from the previous players’ turns where certain cards are located.  This is one of the most effective flash card games and one that all children seem to be fairly good at, at least one time or another.

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